1: About our products

What materials do we usually work with?

We like to recycle, and whenever is possible, we try to use reusable raw material, like paper mache in the case of carnivorous plants, or different types of synthetic hair that we find here and there for our monsters, or all kinds of glass jars that we always store to shelter our mandrakes.

Are our creations fragile?

Yes and no. They are not action figures, that's for sure; Its main function is to decorate, and if you give it that use, they can last a lifetime. But beware, although our carnivorous plants are protected by varnish, paper mâché does not match good with water or humidity, so we don´t recommend having them outside or near heat sources

Are they mass produced?

Absolutely not. We can assure that each creation is unique and made entirely by hand. When you adquire one of our creations, you have the guarantee that it is unique and made with entire love and care.


What courier service do we use?

We work with the Nacex courier service.

Our shipping rates are what they mark, both nationally and internationally.

How long will it take to send the orders?

Orders are sent as soon as payment is made in our bank (usually takes a couple of days, depending on the buyer's bank).

3:Return policity

What if my piece arrives with some damage?

We promise to carefully pack and perfectly protect each piece for shipment. It usually does not happen, but sometimes, the carriers don´t have all the care they should have with the packages and some piece arrives defective to its buyer. In that case, you should contact us and we will give you a solution, depending on the case. Usually, we will fix the piece, and as a last resort, if it has no solution, we will proceed to return the money.

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